Monday, December 15, 2003

Monday, December 08, 2003

First striking MBA related experience tonight-- was hit on by a 27-year old Hong Kong finance and accounting guy over IM. Was not certain how to parry the onslaught of yellow happy faces and MSN pixel roses after I vapidly answered "alone" to his question of whether I would enter France with my "family." At the time, I thought it would be rude to write back that I had a boyfriend, that "alone" did not mean "lonely." First lesson-- when in doubt, assume. If it's this awkward when they haven't even met me, what kind of slimefest will it be at school (the ratio is 4-to-1, apparently)? Argh.

This aside, the prospect of INSEAD does not seem so very bad. Much on the to-do list before takeoff on January 2nd (2004). Now that the federal loan, visa and house-hunting process are over, need to complete the car securing, foreign bank-account opening, phone plan, medical forms, and re-learning of French. Hmm. All this in addition to Christmas shopping and the end of the semester at fashion school.

Okay. Now that the initial excitement of weblog creation has worn off, the lady is starting to get sleepy. It is, after all, 1:29am in NYC, and the warm body in the room next door sure beats staring at this computer screen.